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why boredom is important

Creativity flows. when the conscious mind is stuck, we look for things to do, we’re at home, nothing to watch or do, can’t find the inspiration to write or draw. Being bored creates that, giving yourself something to do.  the context that goldsmith gave us, if you do something for 2 mins and you still find it boring do it for 4 if you’re still bored do it for 8 etc and carry on until you find that it is actually interesting or at least entertaining. Boredom is pushing yourself into creativity, it subtly frees the subconscious mind. go out for a walk, draw what you see, write the conversation you over hear. until you find yourself engaged in what you’re doing, you are no longer bored.


Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.22.55

Tumblr #Text Post s! I find a lot of them to be written as if they were texts to a friend.. tumblr text posts are just texts to whoever goes on your blog and whoever relates. I chose out of context lines screen shots of random lines of random blogs on the text post tag.

Looking at (Un)creative writing, the process of using the ready made to recreate a whole new experience. My ready made here was the internet; tumblr, facebook statuses, youtube comments whatever. It doesn’t matter.

I Remember

hand memories

Any small thing can trigger a memory, just looking at my hand I didn’t have enough to time to write everything that came to mind. Based on the writing style of Joe Brainard’s “I Remember”, the sentences on the left read:

I remember going going back home for the first time, a wave of humidity not letting me breathe and my Grandma wouldn’t let go of my hand

I remember going for walks in the forrest with my dad, he’d talk to me about science and philosophy

I remember the first time I got drunk. I don’t remember anything at all

I remember stealing the disposable camera and filling the whole film roll snapping my family and house

I remember the first sketchbook I got for my birthday and I filled it in a week